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Vibra Screw Expands Its Weigh Belt Feeder Line

Vibra Screw Expands Its Weigh Belt Feeder Line

Vibra Screw Inc. (United States) - Press Release: Vibra Screw, Inc, a leader in solids processing and solids handling solutions has expanded its line of Sanitary Weigh Belt Feeders. For over 40 years Vibra Screw has manufactured a line of gravimetric feeding devises, Loss-In-Weight, Gain-In-Weight Batching Systems and Weigh Belt Feeders.

The all new Sanitary Weigh Belt was specifically designed to meet the weighing applications of Snack, Pet and Human food industries which have unique sanitary and accuracy requirements.

These Weigh Belts offer versatility in design and can be use in conjunction with Vibra Screw’s broad range of storage/discharge equipment. The patented vibrated nozzle attaches to a Bin Activator or Live Bottom Bin that assures positive, unfaltering supply of conditioned material to the belt surface.

Vibra Screw manufacturer’s high quality equipment to store, meter, convey, size and blend dry bulk materials.

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