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T-Scale is introducing the New S15-PC Industrial Intelligent Weighing Terminal

T-Scale is introducing the New S15-PC Industrial Intelligent Weighing Terminal

TScale Electronics Mfg (kunshan)Co.,Ltd. (Taiwan) - Press Release: T-Scale’s New S15-PC Weighing Terminal.

T-Scale is introducing the New S15-PC Weighing Terminal, PC Based ultra-compact rugged terminal suitable for using in electronics, food, chemical, pharma and all industrial applications.

Industrial Large Touch Screen:

  • Large 15.6” TFT LCD display with wide viewing angle
  • Touch operating system provides ease of use and fast operation


  • Stainless Steel 304 housing structure and waterproof interface plugs comes with IP65 ratings. Adjustable Mounting bracket suitable for wall mount or desk top

Hardware & performance:

  • Quad-core 2.0GHz speed processer support Windows 7/ 10, and the weighing resolution can use up to 100,000d

Abundant interfaces:

  • Abundant interfaces, can connect to a wealth of peripheral equipment, such as the PC, Keyboard, Mouse, Barcode reader, Printer, Three color alarm light, Second platform, etc., to meet IoT applications

PC Based System Integration:

  • T-Scale provides professional integration documents and libraries, for updating system quickly


For more product information about S15-PC, please visit the link below.


About T-Scale Company:

T-Scale was founded in 1968 in Taipei, in order to produce mechanical scales and follow to produce electronic scales & intelligent weighing systems. Today T-Scale recognized worldwide as a leading Electronic Weighing Scale Manufacturer, OEM/ODM partner of the world’s prominent brand names and exporting to over 80 countries.

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