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New HRP High Resolution Scales in the RADWAG Product Range

New HRP High Resolution Scales in the RADWAG Product Range

RADWAG Balances and Scales (Poland) - Press Release: The innovative RADWAG MONOBLOCK® weighing module was the greatest asset of the HRP high resolution scales. The strength of the new HRP high resolution scales is the new RADWAG MONOBLOCK® – with improved technology, taller and bigger.

With it, the new HRP scales provide you with new opportunities:

  • weighing loads up to 150 kg on a large weighing pan with high accuracy and good repeatability,
  • fast and stable measurement in just one second,
  • parameter stability over time and during transport,
  • weighing pan dimensions adapted to the accuracy of the scale,
  • wide range of applications thanks to high ingress protection of IP 67.

HRP high resolution scales can work with one of two industrial terminals. One allows the scale to operate in a so-called dry environment (PUE 7.1 terminal), while the other enables operation in both dry and wet environments (PUE HY10 terminal).

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