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5511 Universal Scale Controller by Thompson Scale Company

5511 Universal Scale Controller by Thompson Scale Company

Thompson Scale Company (USA) - The 5511 universal scacle controller is a compact all-in-one scale controller designed for fill-by-weight and in-motion checkweigh operations. All the I/O required to operate virtually any type of filler system or in-motion scale is included, as is a simple user-friendly interface with a color touch screen.

Housed in a NEMA 4X (IP65) enclosure, and configured as a mechanical and functional drop-in replacement for many controllers, such as the GSE series of controllers, this extremely powerful controller upgrades any customer installation to include the most advanced filling and weighing algorithms available on the market.

Built in 24VDC inputs and outputs, with optional 110VAC outputs allow for direct connection to all types of filling systems. On-board serial ports and Ethernet TCP/IP ports allow for high-level connection and remote operation of the 5511. Program updates can be easily emailed and up-loaded via a simple Ethernet switch and CAT5 cable and the user’s laptop. No more waiting for delivery of boards or EPROMs to correct a problem or add a feature.

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