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New RADWAG Publication: Metrology in the Laboratory

New RADWAG Publication: Metrology in the Laboratory

RADWAG Balances and Scales (Poland) - Press Release: New RADWAG Publication: Metrology in the Laboratory.

We kindly invite you to read the second issue of the publication prepared by experts from RADWAG.

"Metrology in the Laboratory. Weighing systems in the scientific research and industry" is the full title of the scientific publication edited by Sławomir Janas, Piotr Ciepłucha, Martyna Roszowska-Jarosz and Kamil Stosur. Its authors address issues related to:

  • Scientific and industrial metrology as well as metrology in scientific research
  • Micro-scale measurements
  • Automation in mass measurement
  • Innovation as a source of technical progress
  • Weighing systems certification as a guarantee of quality and reliability
  • Cobot (cooperative robot) in mass measurement
  • Balance and weighing system metrological verification.

Enjoy your reading.

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