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New Dini Argeo 2024 Catalogs

New Dini Argeo 2024 Catalogs

Dini Argeo S.r.l. (Italy) - Press Release: New Dini Argeo 2024 Catalogs.

We are pleased to inform you that the new 2024 Dini Argeo catalogs dedicated to weighing solutions for process automation, logistics, and vehicles are now available.

In these catalogs, you will find reliable solutions for all of your weighing needs, from load cells and weight transmitters to pallet truck scales, forklift weighing kits, and vehicle weighing platforms.

Weighing and Dimensioning Solutions for Logistics:

The 2024 logistics catalog includes the entire range of Dini Argeo TPW pallet trucks, including the brand new TPWI-HYGIENX for industries with strict hygiene requirements. You will find additional solutions such as pallet weighers, forklift kits and the iDim series. 

Load Cells & Weighg Transmitters:

For a complete overview of Dini Argeo's range of weighing, batching and industrial automation components and solutions, the new version of the automation catalog is available.

Portable Weighing Platforms WWS Series:

In this catalog, you can review every version of our WWS series portable platform scales designed for weighing vehicles and special equipment.

Measures you can trust:

CIBE's new weights, weight sets and calibration services catalog is also available and contains important updates for metrology services.

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