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Withings Body Scan


Withings Body Scan

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Introducing Body Scan, the revolutionary connected health station that provides never-before-seen metrics on a scale.

Segmental Body Composition:

Advanced sensors embedded in the handle are able to scan torso, arms, and legs to give a precise picture of body composition and overall fitness.

Identify & Track Signs of Neuropathy:

Neuropathy score. Body Scan leverages a breakthrough technology to measure nerve activity in the feet. A low score can be a sign of certain chronic diseases.

Advanced Heart Insights:

Vascular Age. Body Scan is able to give an estimate of the age of arteries to help understand overall cardiovascular health.

6-lead ECG. Body Scan is able to record a 6-lead ECG and detect atrial fibrillation.

End-to-end health management:

The app goes beyond measurements to help step up to a healthier life.

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Condition : New
Brand : Withings
Model : Body Scan
Type of product: Scales/Balances
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Withings Body Scan