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Amazfit Smart Scale


Amazfit Smart Scale

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Amazfit Smart Scale.

Exclusive Aurora Gradient Design:

Attractive design with large and customizable content display.

Standing Heart Rate Detection:

The Amazfit Smart Scale measures your standing heart rate, helping you assess your overall fitness level, so you can adapt your exercise plan to improve it over time.

Wi-Fi + Bluetooth Connection:

Convenient & fast cloud data synchronization via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections.

Baby Weighing:

When you stand on the scale with your baby in your arms, the baby's weight is calculated on your phone This enables you to easily track the growth of your baby.

Professional Health Reports:

Physical health analysis report, standing heart rate detection and balance ability analysis to show your physical condition.

18 Body Health Metrics:

Accurate measurements of 18 body health metrics such as body fat rate, muscle mass, body water percentage, bone mass, protein percentage and more.

Article Details

Condition : New
Brand : Amazfit
Model : Smart Scale
Type of product: Scales/Balances
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Amazfit Smart Scale